Are you suffering from tinnitus and looking for help?

We often receive e-mails from persons suffering from tinnitus and asking for information. Unfortunately, TLC has no clinical activity. Our activities are centred on research and promotion of the therapy.
There are so far very few therapists performing laser tinnitus therapy. We have linked to those clinics that we are aware of. This linking does not mean that we endorse these clinics, although we would not link if we did not have reasonable information about them. The lack of therapists is the main obstacle for patients seeking this novel therapy and through our web site and other activities we hope to improve the awareness about this therapy.
Individual advice cannot be given on-line. The cause of the problem must be considered first. If it is due to a long time exposure to high levels of noise, there is one therapy. If it is a sudden acoustic trauma yet another therapy and if it is due to muscular tension or masticatory malfunction, well, it is yet a different therapy. Age, duration of problem, general health must also be considered.
The only practical advice we can give is to contact a reasonably qualified laser therapist in your area and ask him/her to study our web site. Then you may make an attempt to treat the problem. However, the laser in itself is no guarantee for success, the qualification of the therapist is important. Fortunately, laser therapy of the ear has never been showed to cause any damage, so there is no health risk involved, as long as Class 3B lasers are used.

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